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Potting Mix

We stock a range of potting mixes to suit any plant.


Native Potting Mix

- For growing natives in pots

- Prepares garden soil for natives

- Re-wetting agent


Acidic Potting Mix

- For acid loving plants

- Ideal for Blueberries/Blackberries

- Ideal for Raspberries/Camellias

- Ideal for potting and planting

- Water storing granules


Bonsai Potting Mix

- Ideal for all Bonsai plants


Cacti & Succulent Potting Mix

- Ideal for growing all varieties of Cacti & Succulents


Seedraising Potting Mix

- Superior germinating mixture for effective seed raising

- Control release fertiliser

- Contains wetting agent


Regular Potting Mix

- Contains water saving additives

- Ideal for most indoor and outdoor plants


Premium Potting Mix

- Slow release fertiliser

- Water storing granules

- Ideal for all indoor and outdoor plants


Terracotta & Tub Premium Plus

- For growing the broadest range of plant varieties

- Water storing granules

- Slow release fertiliser

- Premium AS 3743 Standard


Orchid & Bromeliad Potting Mix

- Contains growth stimulants

- Small grade offering light drainage

- Ideal for growing Orchids such as Cymbidiums and Oncidium

orchid course.PNG

Orchid Course Potting Mix

- Meets growing requirements of Cattleya, Dendrobium and Phalaenopsis Orchids.


Tomato & Vegetable Potting Mix

- Organic based

- Added Blood & Bone

- Contains wetting agent for improved re-wetting

- Ideal for potting and planting

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